Way to kick Sony while its so, so down. Or, way to give it to the man? Apparently, even when Sony Pictures is pitching up a tent, all James Bond wants to do is set the paraffin alight and become an Agent Under Fire. Sorry.

Apparently, star Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes had drawn a creative line-in-the-sand when it came to which smartphone Mr. Bond would grip upon in Spectre. This we know from more emails within the deep void that is the Sony Pictures email hack:

BEYOND the $$ factor, there is, as you may know, a CREATIVE factor whereby Sam and Daniel don’t like the Sony phone [the Sony Xperia Z4] for the film (the thinking, subjectively/objectively is that James Bond only uses the ‘best,’ and in their minds, the Sony phone is not the ‘best’)

— Andrew Gumpert, President of Worldwide Business Affairs and Operations, Columbia Pictures

There was almost an auction-like atmosphere going on between Sony and Samsung in promoting their products within the movie and with Craig himself:

  • Sony initially offered Craig $5 million to tote the Xperia Z4 in Spectre
  • Sony also proposed an $18 million promotional package tied to the movie
  • Samsung offered $5 million for a direct product placement deal with an Android Galaxy phone as well as $50 million promo package

Apparently, only Miss Moneypenny is suited to use the phone that’s “Made for Bond.” And even then, Sony has been conflicted on which phone that is (for geographical reasons).

We still think he should go for the Aston Martin phone. And also, yay for Miss Moneypenny.

Source: AppleInsider
Via: BGR

Clarification: Craig and Mendes did not explicitly address Samsung in any of the latest leaks, but it seems as though they also objected to Samsung’s offers as well.

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