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You wouldn’t actually want to swim with any earbuds as water and the ear canal don’t make for great partners in resonance, but the point is that fitness audioware company Jabra has some new wireless earbuds you can submerge in water.

Like Samsung’s Gear IconX, the Jabra Elite Sport are tiny little buds that plop right into your ear for you to listen to music or take calls with. Sound output has been refined with the help of hearing aid firm ReSound to ensure the buds’ “medical-grade credentials”. Each bud has two microphones — one to take your voice during calls and the other to cancel out ambient noise. There’s also an in-ear heart rate monitor as well.

Unlike its main competitor, the Elite Sport is IP67 ingress-resistant. That means it can soak in water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes. Jabra’s proud enough of this feature to offer a three-year warranty against water and sweat damage.

The earbuds also have a voice coach to let you know how well you’re doing in real time. The Jabra Sport Life app for Android and iOS can offer some tips on how to recover and improve and can process your VO2 Max stats. All of this in addition to music and calls should be taxing on the batteries of each bud, but both are said to last for three hours by themselves and an additional six hours with their charging case.

Best Buy will be the first to stock the Jabra Elite Sport on October 30 for $249.99. Pre-orders start later this month.

Source: Jabra

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