iWatch to come in two models – Sports and Designer – with iPod capabilities? (Exclusive)

Rumors continue to arrive regarding what we can expect from Apple’s iWatch in the coming months. We’ve already heard that the company is working on a probable October launch, and we’ve also heard of sports celebrities wandering the Apple campus, aside from other rumors that there will be two variants of the iWatch. If you’re wondering what these two variants are, and what they’ll do, you’ve come to the right place.

A source familiar to the matter has just shared that Apple is already testing two iWatch models with very different designs. There is a “Sports” model, which apparently has a rectangular design and a rubber bracelet. This model was reportedly being tested recently by Kobe Bryant at the Apple campus, and what’s most interesting is that it apparently looks like any other watch on the market.

The report also mentions that there is a “Designer” variant of the iWatch which has a circular design and a metallic construction that’s most probably stainless steel. This model is reportedly being tested by Dustin Brown and Bubba Watson, and just like the Sports model, it’s hard to tell this watch apart from any other watch on the market.

The tipster also shares that both models of the iWatch will have a touch screen, and both will be water resistant. As for sensors, at least the Sports variant is said to check for blood pressure, heart rate, body temp, outside temperature, barometric pressure, compass and blood oxygen level.

Additionally, both these devices will include at least 8GB of storage built-in, allowing each model to serve as an iPod replacement for those interested – which is definitely a more convenient way to train or run than to have to strap a phone on your arm. We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.

Thanks to our tipster. 

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