More evidence in support of a new Apple TV model coming this fall came along this week with a simple receipt that gave a big tell as to Apple’s preparations on the content side — why have something that can play 4K HDR content if there’s nothing in 4K HDR in your library, right?

Well, Tomas Jackson put down a receipt for a recent iTunes cart of movies. While “The Finest Hours” and “Saving Private Ryan” were both listed as ‘Film (HD),’ extraterrestrial thriller “Passengers” got the classification of ‘Movie (4K, HDR).’ Unfortunately, Jackson was only given the option to download the file in HD.

It’s very unlikely that software will be able to get current Apple TV models to stream HDR content, much less 4K resolution through HDMI 1.4.

Google Play Movies and Netflix have both begun supporting the new content specs in their respective libraries.

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