If any piece of your own work or the works that you sell go through the ubiquitous content bay that is iTunes and the App Store, you will soon be getting less of a cut than you already were.

Partners in the iTunes Affiliate Program — which essentially gives those in the creative industry and smaller retailers kickbacks for linking to the iTunes and App Stores on their sites and in external promotions — will soon see a drop in the commission rate for apps and in-app purchases from 7 percent of generated sales revenue in a 24-hour period per link to 2.5 percent starting May 1.

The change was announced in an email update sent by Apple to participants. The social media team behind Blink, an affiliate linking app for iOS, passed news along on Twitter.

Japan has had a 2.5 percent rate for apps and in-app purchases for a while.  Rate terms for Apple Music, iTunes, Movies, TV and iBooks will remain as they are.

Apple has been looking at ways to jack up its services revenue in the expectation that hardware revenues will continue to decline as they have for a few years now. Balancing that decision, the company is also reducing its take on app makers’ revenues from app subscription retention.

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