The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has finally announced today its intention to build a new factory in Arizona. This factory will focus on manufacturing advanced 5nm chipsets. Its construction is planned to start in 20201, and production could begin in 2024.

A new TSMC factory will come to Arizona. This facility will be able to deliver about twenty thousand chipsets using 5nm processes. This will probably happen by 2024 after the construction plans are stated for 2021. This operation may cost around $12 billion from 2021 to 2029, which also includes capital expenditure. This new facility will also create over 1,600 jobs for high-tech professionals. TSMC already has factories in other states within the US, but the Arizona facility would become its second-largest. This will also help Apple avoid possible taxes since the TSMC produces Apple’s A-series chips, the ones we find in iPhones and iPads.

Source MacRumors

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