Apple has been looking for a way to stop depending on Samsung as the primary provider for OLED panels. Previous reports have mentioned Apple buying displays from LG Display, even though they’re not ready to take Samsung’s place. Now, another name comes into the scene as the iPhone 12 is starting to get more attention, and it seems that this Chinese company is ready to give Apple many OLED panels.

According to a new report from South Korea, Samsung may lose a large chunk or an Apple contract. A new Chinese display company, BOE, could provide as many as 45 million OLED panels in 2021, and they would start providing parts for the upcoming iPhone 12. Samsung would not lose its position as Apple’s primary OLED panel supplier, but BOE would even get a larger share than LG Display. BOE’s production would make Samsung’s share drop from an estimate od 230 million to 150 million. Remember that Samsung OLED panels cost around $95, you do the math and find out just how much money would Samsung lose.

Source: 9to5Mac

Via: My Drivers

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