Rumors about a new iMac refresh have been around for quite a while; some even expected Apple to present them during the last WWDC. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, and we are still waiting for new Macs. Now, @L0vetodream has posted a new message on Twitter that suggests that Apple may soon deliver new products.

First of all, we must remind you to take the following information with a truckload of salt, since it’s just a rumor with huge speculation. A new tweet by @L0vetodream says that some products are ready to ship. This tweet gives little or no details about what to expect, but the same leaker has shared some important details about Apple devices and software. This tweet could add weight to Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions about new, redesigned iMacs in Q3 2020. Now we only have to wait and see is the new iMacs arrive with Intel processors or Apple Silicon inside, or if we get something else before that. Let’s remember that we are also expecting Apple-branded headphones, AirTags, and a new HomePod, so we can only wait to see if new leaks give us more details about what to expect.

Source Mac Rumors

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