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iStick – First “Made-for-iPhone/iPad” USB flash drive announced

By Jaime Rivera May 12, 2014, 12:57 pm

One of the biggest complaints that we all have about owning an iPhone or iPad, is the fact that neither of Apple’s iOS products abides to any particular storage standard. We can’t just swap information between each other trough microSD cards, nor through simple USB, and even though Air Drop was launched recently to share files between iOS devices, it doesn’t even allow Apple’s own OS X to access this sharing protocol. We’ve dreamed of a simple USB solution for the longest time, and it seams that somebody just figured it out.

A company named Hyper has just launched a Kickstarter campaign with the purpose of gaining some necessary funds to launch the iStick. This would be the first-ever USB flash drive that also includes a lightning connector, and which provides users with an app that can allow you to access your files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The hardest part of this deal was already reached, as Apple has just approved the iStick as a “Made-for-iPhone/iPad” product. According to the statement:


“As expected, Apple had many concerns for iOS storage products like the iStick. We actually started MFi application for this product more than 2 years ago. It was definitely not an easy process but we managed to address all of Apple’s concerns and finally just got MFi approval.”

We should expect these to launch in the next couple of weeks, buts sadly this product won’t come cheap. If you take advantage of the Kickstarter program, you’ll get a 50% discount and only pay $65 for the (8GB) model, or $85 (16GB), $99 (32GB) and $149 (64GB) respectively. If you don’t you’ll find some crazier prices like $129 (8GB), $169 (16GB), $199 (32GB) and $299 (64GB). Let’s just hope these prices don’t blow the product out of the water, and if you want to learn more about what specific files are supported, hit the source link at the bottom.

Source: Hyper
Via: 9to5Mac


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