Is This the Sony Xperia Arc HD Or Just A Rebranded Arc / Arc S?

The official trailer for the movie Resident Evil: Retribution was launched a couple of hours ago. Why should this be of any interest to you? The phone pictured above is featured in the trailer which you can check out at the source link.

The big question is, like featured in the title: are we looking at the Sony Xperia Arc HD or is this just a re-branded Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc / Arc S? The Arc HD has been no stranger when it comes down to leaked specs but we can’t say the same about the aspect of the device.

For a long time, the LT26i, aka Nozomi, was believed to be the Xperia Arc HD. In the end, it was officially unveiled as the Sony Xperia S just a couple of weeks ago in Vegas.

The LT22i, codenamed Nypon, was also believed at one point to be the Arc HD. It turned out later that it was just a concept and the real Nypon was spotted in a nice group shot. However, the concept was looking a lot like the current Xperia Arc / Arc S line (and its front-bottom part a lot like the device pictured above).

So what could this phone be? The trailer is filled with Sony products placed all over in the first seconds. Since Sony bought out Ericsson’s stake in the joint venture, it wouldn’t have been nice to have a Sony Ericsson branded device to go along with the tablet, the portable media player and all the rest wearing just Sony. We could be indeed looking at a unique, single model of the Arc / Arc S that has been re-branded to Sony-only for the purpose of this movie (which is a Sony movie by the way). Sony can do it; after all, they used the back of the Xperia Arc / Arc S in the official CES invitation.

Last but not least, for the believers among you, both the device in the trailer and the one in the CES invitation are the Xperia HD, which will be hopefully unveiled at the upcoming MWC. We just wonder which one of these codenames could it wear? What do you think?

Source: YouTube

Via: GSMdome

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