Is this the Rumored Galaxy Nexus Tablet from Google? [UPDATE]

There’s little doubt that you’re looking at a real tablet, but as some images tend to do, these came down the pipeline with absolutely no context whatsoever. Still, based on several visual clues, we think there’s a pretty good chance that they depict the rumored Galaxy Nexus tablet.

First of all, the only visible on-screen icons are for Google products — none of the third party apps or widgets that you’d expect to see on a Samsung, Motorola, or even Viewsonic tablet. It’s about as naked of an Android experience as you could hope to find on a modern tablet. Secondly — and this seems to be the most compelling evidence — the Ice Cream Sandwich soft keys and pictured time of 4:00AM are a dead match for the classic Samsung Galaxy Nexus render with muted rainbow wallpaper.

There are a few suspicious details here too, however: the rumored Asus-made tablet was said to be a seven-inch model, while this looks closer to a ten-inch tab. Plus, the Market icon has not yet been replaced with the new Play Store, although that could be attributed just as much to the age of the renders as it could to the likelihood that we’re seeing a piece of Google-branded hardware.

Obviously no word on specs, price, nor release window with this one, although if this is truly the so-called Galaxy Nexus tablet, the remaining information won’t stay a mystery for long.

Update: As AndroidCommunity points out, there are some differences, but even more similarities, to the 7.7-inch prototype tablet Toshiba was showing off at CES. There’s a good chance that this is simply the production version of that prototype.

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