Is this LG’s First Ice Cream Sandwich? Wearing Mophie? (Image)

Image removed at the request of Mophie, Inc

This picture is literally a mystery wrapped in a conundrum: we know nothing about the phone depicted here, nor why it would seem to be the first non-Apple product bequeathed with a Mophie Juice Pack battery case. What we do know is that the button row looks an awful lot like that on the LG Optimus Hub (nee Univa), while the appearance of the camera lens and flash have also been likened to those found on LG handsets. Plus, the screenshot (whose date doesn’t fall this year) shows it running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is still something of a rarity among phones not named Galaxy Nexus.

Now of course you can put just about any screenshot you want onto a render, so ICS is far from a given on this one, but it would seem to take a pretty special handset for Mophie to break its love affair with the iPhone and Apple. Mophie’s website has no indication of this supposed product, and we’ve heard no mention of the company moving beyond its core portfolio.

Since the image didn’t come with any other details, we’re sort of just taking stabs in the dark about all of this. Can anyone help shed some light on this mystery?

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