Is This HTC Sense UI for Windows Phone 7? (Take Two) [Update]

Update: Video has been switched private for now (perhaps HTC sent a take-down notice?). Hopefully the uploader puts it back up!

Update 2: We’ve re-uploaded the video to our own YouTube channel. (Thanks, Google Chrome cache).

Update 3: Previously we posted that this same interface was seen on a never before seen HTC device running Windows Phone 7 (actually, that looks much like the HTC Mozart). We’ve added that new video below, and wanted to provide some comparative commentary on the two videos. That previous post was deleted to make way for an addition to this post.

First, the fact that we’re seeing this new interface two times in two different cases lends credence to it being the real deal. We see that in the second video, instead of there being new live tiles on the Start screen, there is just one, and it goes to HTC Hub, which is a graphic-intense dashboard that allows you to view weather and access HTC-specific programs (presumably).


What’s going on here? Again, whether this is the work of HTC is not confirmed. But assuming that it’s real, it’s possible that you will be able to access HTC Hub from your HTC WP7 device. From there, you may be able to add certain live tiles to the Start screen, like weather and stocks shown in the top video below. In fact, in the dashboard you can see the stocks item listed as an add-on. We’ll keep our ear to the ground to see if we find out more!

Continued from before…

We still haven’t seen a glimpse of HTC’s Sense interface for Windows Phone 7. There have been concepts, but nothing official. It’s possible that HTC may be working on what will be the most extensive customization of Windows Phone 7, and so we’re eager to see it. Here’s the latest concept, posted by Dialaphone, a company that sells phones and other electronics through their website.

The concept is dramatic. It features visually-intense applications and some overly-customized live tiles on the Start screen. Is this real? It could go either way. Here’s the breakdown:

Why this could be real…

– HTC focuses a lot on eye candy, and this concept has a high degree of visual appeal

– HTC tends to focus on details…and this concept is highly detailed. For example, notes flip over for menu options, and blank notes can be “scratched” to reveal hidden messages

– The weather animations look like an evolution of what we’ve seen for Windows Phone and Android

Why this could be fake…

– We didn’t think OEMs could customize the shape of the tiles. The weather tile shown in the concept flows outside of the rectangle. While it’s nice, it shouldn’t be possible

– While HTC likes to create visual appeal, there’s perhaps too much of it going on here. The animations for notes and weather take several seconds. That’s not efficient

– The “loves me not” application has no purpose. HTC doesn’t typically make applications that don’t carry out a meaningful function

So, what do you think? Is this real?

(via: wmpu)

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