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Is There Room in the Market for a Pocket PC With Smartphones?

By Chuong Nguyen January 1, 2010, 7:10 pm

With today’s smartphones dominating the bulk of the portable internet market, is there room for a pocketable PC running Microsoft Windows XP? There have been other concepts of pocket PCs–not the Pocket PC brand that preceded Windows Mobile–out there before, but the guys behind Psion–which got bought out by Nokia–are back this time with the PsiXpda–a UMPC slightly larger than the size of a smartphone with a WVGA display, sliding keyboard, and an Atom in a form factor similar to the Touch Pro2. The device has a bootup time of about 35 seconds and does come with a 3G connection on-board.

SlashGear had gotten a unit of the PsiXpda UMPC to unbox. We’re wondering though if the device warrants space in your crowded pocket considering the many smartphones in the market and the maturing netbook market.

(via: SlashGear)

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