Is that Mystery Nokia Windows Phone the Lumia 601? (Image)

This is supposedly the Nokia Lumia 601 Windows Phone, but we’ll be honest: we’re not sure what to make of this image. On the one hand, it came from a pretty reliable source and depicts a handset seemingly leaked by Nokia itself in a developer video this past week. On the other hand, it looks a little bit off — not like the product renders we’re used to seeing. Plus, as we noted when the (now-edited) video debuted, the mystery device looks a lot like a generic placeholder image that Nokia has been using for some time.

If it is in fact genuine — meaning representative of a real-world handset — then we’d seem to be looking at a phone even lower-end, relatively, than the Lumia 710, according to Nokia’s new device nomenclature. Since no specs were available to accompany the image, we can’t be certain that holds true here, especially with what appears to be an eight-megapixel camera aboard (the 710 offers a five-megapixel shooter).

We do know that the head of Nokia France recently likened the Lumia 800 to BMW’s 5-series, suggesting that a 7-series (Lumia 900?) was also inbound. Following that analogy, then, could the Lumia 710 be a “3-series,” with the supposed Lumia 601 being the “1-series”?

Update: The Nokia Blog astutely notes that the camera module here is very similar to — but, to our eye, not the exact same as — the full focus unit found on the Symbian-powered C7. That either further discredits this render or is perhaps indicative of the alleged 601’s lower-end components and Nokia’s move downmarket.

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