An image of what’s purportedly a teaser for an upcoming LG smartphone has just come to our attention, but is this an actual LG promotion and, if so, what phone could it possibly be in reference to?

The image was first posted by a user in the Optimus 2X thread of an Indonesian bulletin board. The poster seems to think the mysterious smartphone could be the next Google Nexus model; we’ve heard rumors that Google is currently evaluating hardware from both LG and HTC. This handset doesn’t seem to match the leaked picture that accompanied earlier Nexus 3 rumors, but for all we know, that pic could have been HTC’s entry.

If anything, this teaser looks like a buttonless Optimus One. An LG Optimus Slider has been mentioned recently; could there be a QWERTY keyboard hiding in there? You can see a seam below the screen on the right side of the image, but this model doesn’t look any thicker than the original Optimus One, so where would it find the space for a keyboard and slider hardware?

The picture shows signs of being enlarged, with the tell-tale softness of interpolation. When we’ve seen teasers like this in the past, they’re often about this size already, instead of a scaled-up copy of a smaller image. That doesn’t necessarily mean this has been doctored, but it does make us super-curious to learn where it came from.

Source: Kaskus (Google Translate)

Via: GSM Arena

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