With a feature set and design that sets it apart from the sea of smartphones available on the market, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a great option to consider if you want to make your smartphone usage more productive. This new generation is more compact, better built than previous years, and packs components such as the Snapdragon 888 and an under-display camera.

With the retail price set at $1,799.99, buying the phone on a carrier-provided plan can make sense for some, but if you want to get one not tied to any carrier, is the Z Fold 3 available in such a configuration? Yes, Samsung does sell the foldable unlocked.

If you’re wondering what an unlocked phone means, it’s when buying such a device will allow you to use it with any telecom operator whose services are available in your region.

For example, if Operator A does not feature Phone X in their offerings, buying an unlocked version of Phone X will allow you to use it with the concerned service provider. If desired, you can also switch to Operator B, C, or D as you wish.

To buy an unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 3, you’ll have to visit the official Samsung website, Amazon, Best Buy, or other such retailers. But buying directly from the OEM will allow you to seamlessly add Samsung Care+ to ensure your device has protection against accidental damage of any sort. 

Samsung also sells carrier-linked variants of this phone on its website. To learn more about what offers may be available, make sure to check out our deals page for the Z Fold 3.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
      The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the phone to buy if you want to experience folding phones. Its package of high performance and improved durability makes it the best Fold yet.

    The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was not the only foldable announced recently, as Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a more compact and affordable folding phone. If you want to get an idea of how the smaller device will look and how you can protect it, make sure to check out our compilation of case options for it and its deals page.

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