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Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 waterproof?

By Aryan Suren August 12, 2021, 12:00 pm

The impact smartwatches have had on general wellness for some of us is something worth noting. The assortment of sensors and the detailed metrics they provide have made us wear these on our wrists almost all the time. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 4 hopes to continue bringing such features to more consumers, allowing better tracking of their health condition with additions like body composition analysis and sleep monitoring.

But if this wearable is going to be with you at all times, it’s bound to come across various environments, including water, and we all know electronics aren’t always great around water. So if you’re wondering whether the Galaxy Watch 4 is waterproof, well, this article will help answer that question.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 features a 5ATM plus IP68 rating, meaning, while not completely safe from water damage, it’s highly water-resistant and safe to use for activities like swimming. It also has the MIL-STD-810G rating, meaning its outer body is also quite durable against hard falls.

But keep in mind if you find yourself jumping into ocean water and chlorinated pools, make sure to rinse the Galaxy Watch with fresh water to avoid damage.

So if your daily activity with the Galaxy Watch 4 will involve a lot of water, you can rest assured it will be able to pull through. The same ratings also carry over to the more expensive Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which starts at $349.

What is the Availability Status of Galaxy Watch 4?

galaxy watch 4 for sports

The Galaxy Watch 4, with is its sporty look, will be available for pre-orders starting August 11th, with sales beginning from August 27th. It has a retail price of $249.

For those of you who plan on placing a pre-order, you will also receive a $50 credit, which you can put towards the all-new Galaxy Buds 2, one of the best earbuds available to date. These features auto-switch functionality and ANC, introduced with the premium Galaxy Buds Pro, for an affordable price of $149.99, making it a great companion for your workouts with Galaxy Watch 4. If you do decide to get it, make sure to check out our compilation of the best case options to protect your Buds 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 61

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the latest addition to Samsung's wearable lineup. With a low price tag of $249.99, it's one of the most complete packages available and ships with Wear OS powered by the Korean OEM, meaning you'll have access to a vast library of applications.

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