Is current LG G6 demand just not enough to turn company around?

What gets counted as a smash hit these days? In a vacuum left open by Samsung and its recalled Galaxy Note 7 and a gap-filler from HTC that was critically panned from all sides, LG should’ve had room for a homerun for its G6, especially at home in the South Korean market.

The Korea Herald reports from carrier porting logs that it may not be the case. You see, whenever a big phone gets into stores, carriers will lure customers in with perks and discounts tied to switching away from a competing carrier. In this country, the number of ports seems to be the metric of success that can help track how the G6 is doing. And based on this very noisy metric alone, the G6’s star seems to be a flop.

The phone launched on March 10. Since the start of the month up until the day before launch, the number of ports averaged around 13,715 every day. The day of launch, that number bumped up to 18,252 and peaked on March 13 at 23,292 ports. These numbers do NOT tell us how many G6 units were purchased on each day.

When the Galaxy Note 7 launched on August 19 last year, 35,558 ports were reported. No telling what the Galaxy S8 might do to the G6’s sales, but there’s still hope that the raw numbers will be able to help LG stave off further losses stemming from poor G5 and V20 sales last year.

Daishin Securities predicts up to 2.1 million units will be sold up to the end of June. Analysts have previously estimated a ₩120 billion  ($107.5 million) first quarter loss, but at least one firm is expecting that number cut down to ₩44 billion ($39.4 million).

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