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Is Apple going to rename iOS to iPhoneOS?

By Nadeem Sarwar June 18, 2020, 5:07 pm

The iPad has iPadOS. Apple Watch got its own watchOS. tvOS is there for Apple TV. Macs run on macOS. Then why do iPhones run on iOS, and not something called iPhoneOS? Well, that conundrum might end soon, as an explosive new leak from a credible source suggests Apple might finally finish what it started by naming iOS to iPhoneOS.

Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser), who has so far had an impeccable track record with Apple leaks, just dropped the bombshell with a two-word tweet that simply says “iPhone OS“. But going by Apple’s style guide, it might actually end up being written as iPhoneOS.

In addition to Prosser, another fairly reliable leakster Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) from XDA-Developers tweeted that someone tipped him off about the renaming via an email. Moreover, the company might also end up renaming the iPhone to Apple Phone. That name sounds terrible, if that’s where Apple is going, who’s to stop them.

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