Android co-starter Andy Rubin is firmly entrenched in a new company called Essential Products. Rumors have told of a smartphone being the center of a larger smart ecosystem push for the market.

And so, cue Rubin with the big tease.

Thanks to Xiaomi, all the comparisons have been drawn to the Mi MIX. What we can’t be clear on is the operating system that’s on the device. It’s very Android-esque from just by the icon collective being visible, but that font ain’t a rendition of Google’s standby typeface Roboto. We’ll have to be playing this lookout game steadily.

Also interesting to note is Rubin’s tweet of shade to The Wall Street Journal, potentially over its anonymously-derived report that SoftBank pulled $100 million of funding to Essential at the behest of SoftBank Vision Fund contributor Apple. The tweet has a picture showing both Rubin and SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son playing around with a link to a YouTube video for Bruce Springsteen’s cover of The Bee Gees song, “Stayin’ Alive”.

It’s not clear what the tweet means in terms of the money SoftBank is not to give to Essential Products, but it seems that there’s no love lost between two men and the firms they represent. Son could be doling out a personal loan on this one, who knows?

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