Watch this week’s iReview as we go through all that’s Cool and the Not So Cool inside the world of Apple’s iOS devices. In today’s show we begin by talking about the new deals offered by EA Mobile on their games. We later talk about the new progress in reaching an untethered jailbreak in iOS 5, aside from new developments on a carrier unlock for the iPhone 4S. We talk about Google Currents and how to get our Pocketnow current on your Android or iOS device. We later end the Cool section by going through the OnLive gaming service coming soon to the iPhone and iPad.

In the Not So Cool section we talk about iOS 5.1 beta and how disappointing it is to see that it still can’t fix the battery issues on any of the tested units.

All this and more after the break.

– Pocketnow on Google Currents

– EA Mobile Daily Deals

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