Watch this week’s iReview as we go through all the cool and the not so cool inside the world of Apple’s iOS devices. In today’s show we go through the New iPad’s sales results after just a couple of days of being launched. We later talk about some of the great apps that already support it’s new Retina Display. We then go through all our week’s coverage on the New iPad, including the reasons why we recommend the Verizon iPad over the AT&T model. We talk about your possibility to jailbreak it, since we know many of you are already waiting. We end our Cool section talking about the Apple’s recent order for LTE-equipped iPhones with a 3.5-inch display and a launch date of October.

In the Not So Cool section we round-up all the list of complaints of Apple’s New iPad, which include heat issues, Wi-Fi connectivity problems and even Smart Covers that don’t work with it.

All this and more coming up right now.

From iPad to iPad: The Leap from Oldest to Newest

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