Watch this week’s iReview as we talk about all that’s cool and not so cool inside the world of Apple’s iOS devices. In today’s show we begin by talking about our coverage, which includes our full review of Apple’s New iPad, our recent comparison video between it and the iPad 2 and even Apple’s first iPad, and Michael Fisher’s editorials surrounding this new tablet. We later have a look at IGN’s recent benchmarks where they show that Apple’s A5X and even their old A5 beats NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 in graphics. We then go through all the rumors surrounding a 5-inch Retina Display that Apple is probably considering. Then we talk about all the recent updates in Jailbreak land, and we end our cool section talking about the New iPad’s battery and Apple’s recent statement about it.

As for what wasn’t cool, we talk about the Antennagate settlement where apple owes you $15, and I’m not forgetting any zeros after that number. We also talk about Australia’s dismay at an advertised 4G iPad not beint able to deliver.

All this and more after the break.

– Apple iPad 2012 Review:

– The Internet Isn’t Ready For The New iPad:

– From iPad to iPad: The Leap From Oldest To Newest

– Seeing Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone: The New iPad’s New Visuals

– The New iPad: A-Plus Is The New D-Minus

– Editorial: Why The New iPad Is My Dream Tablet

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