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iqua BHS-303 Bluetooth Headset

By Legacy December 6, 2007, 12:00 am


The number of Bluetooth headsets available on the market has helped keep prices competitive. They are becoming smaller, lighter and the audio quality is getting better. pocketnow.com has reviewed all of the popular headsets available today (links in the table below). iqua, ltd from Espoo, Finland (Nokia's home) has just released a line of Bluetooth accessories in the US which includes the Iqua Basic 2 Bluetooth wireless headset BHS-303. Let's take it for a spin and see how well it performs!


  • Last number redial

  • Answer/end/reject call multifunction button

  • Voice dial activation (when supported by mobile phone)

  • Memory stores up to 8 device pairings

  • Up to 6 hours of talk time

  • Up to 150 hours of stand by time

  • Supports Bluetooth 2.0 EDR specification

  • Supports Hands free 1.5 and Headset 1.1 Bluetooth profiles

Bluetooth HeadsetTalk Time | Standby (hours)Street Price
Bluetrek Metal5 | 180 $50
Jabra BT801010 | 300 $70
BlueAnt Z9i5.5 | 200 $70
Aliph Jawbone 24 | 192 $119
iqua BHS-3036 | 150 $35
Gennum nx60006 | 75 $110
Jabra BT5010 10 | 300 $75
Qstik EVOQ 5 | 150 $80
BlueAnt Z9 5.5 | 200 $70
FoneGEAR Mini Blu 4 | 75 $50
Aliph Jawbone 6 | 120 $110
BlueAnt T8 Micro 9 | 250 $40
BlueAnt V12 LCD 12 | 360 $75
Argard M10 3 | 100 $120
Bluetake BT400GX 6 | 300 $45
Plantronics Discovery 655 3.5-10 | 80 $80
BluAnt X3 Micro 7 | 180 $50
Logitech Mobile Express 4 | 250 $40
[Tekkeon ezTalker ET3000 ](http://www.pocketnow.com/index.php?a=portal_detail&t=reviews&id=806) 5 | 120 $60
[Jabra JX10 ](http://www.pocketnow.com/index.php?a=portal_detail&t=reviews&id=786) 6 | 300 $80
[Southwing SH310](http://www.pocketnow.com/index.php?a=portal_detail&t=reviews&id=773) 6 | 300 $60
Motorola H300

30 | 700

Plantronics Discovery 640

15 | 300

Logitech Mobile Traveller 7 | 300 $80
Southwing SH305 6 | 300 $55
Gennum nXZEN Plus 7 | 100 $115
[Bluetake BT400 G5 ](http://pocketnow.com/review/bluetake-bt400-g5-bluetooth-headset?p=1) 5 | 250 $40
[Nextlink Bluespoon 5G ](http://www.pocketnow.com/index.php?a=portal_detail&t=reviews&id=643&p=1) 2 | 100 $250
Nextlink Bluespoon AX2 8 | 1000 $25
Nextlink Bluespoon AX 4 | 200 $40

This table provides a list of recent pocketnow.com reviews with some basic specifications.


The Iqua Basic 2 Bluetooth wireless headset BHS-303 is not as basic as its full name implies.

The Iqua Basic 2 Bluetooth wireless headset BHS-303 retail package.

The iqua BHS-303 package includes the headset, AC wall charger, 2 different earplug rings (different sizes), and user guide. I received a charger with a UK style plug, hopefully North American orders will have a US style plug.

The two earplug loops help make the fit snug since no ear loop is included.

The iqua BHS-303 attached via the Mini USB connector to the AC charger. A green status LED turns off once the unit is charged.


The Iqua Basic 2 Bluetooth wireless headset BHS-303 operation is similar to the majority of the headsets available today.

The iqua BHS-303 has a mini USB connector for charging, a multi function button on the left, and one green status LED located in the multi function button.

The iqua BHS-303 paired easily with my Windows Mobile 6 T-Mobile Wing and Verizon Samsung i760. The sound quality was excellent with both devices, background noise was minimal in loud environments.

The iqua BHS-303 works very well with Microsoft's Voice Command. A short button press initiates the Voice Command application (red arrow points to Voice Command prompt). You will also hear a tone in the headset when Voice Command is ready to for your prompt. You can have Voice Command tell you the time or read your appointments back to you through the headset. It is too bad that the Windows Live Search voice activated feature is not Bluetooth enabled.

The iqua BHS-303 successfully paired with the iPhone, however the iPhone has no voice recognition capability.

The iqua BHS-303 fits well in my ear and looks good, however I am not 100% comfortable that the headset won't fall out if I get bumped.

The iqua BHS-303 is a very easy to use headset with excellent audio quality.


Technical support is handled via email at [email protected]. The included manual covers all of the aspects of the BHS-303 pairing and operations (PDF found here). An FAQ can be found here.


A Bluetooth enabled device with a Headset and/or Hands free Bluetooth profile is required.


I have two wishes for this headset. The first should be the inclusion of an ear hook. There is no doubt that adding the ear hook detracts from the clean look of the unit, however it does make it more secure on your ear. The second is the addition of a call waiting/conferencing function to allow the answering of a second call without having to use the phone's buttons.


The iqua BHS-303 is not available on the iqua web site, however, a quick search on Froogle reveals that the unit can be had for just $35.


  • Great audio quality
  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • No ear loop
  • No call waiting function
  • Only 6 hours of talk time


The iqua Basic 2 Bluetooth wireless headset BHS-303 is an excellent value at $35 (internet pricing) and works very well. This is a very simple (one button) to use headset and the audio quality both hearing and speaking are excellent. The sleek design fits into you hear nicely and the smooth design makes it very stylish. Some may have a problem with only 6 hours of talk time and fear of loosing it without an ear hook. The headset fits snugly into my ear, and this fear could just be a personal apprehension, time will tell. The bottom line this is very good quality headset and an excellent value should you be looking for an affordable headset.


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