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iPhones on Mint Mobile finally get Wi-Fi calling, texting, VoLTE

By Jules Wang September 25, 2018, 4:09 pm

Major network-based messaging features are coming to Mint Mobile customers who own iPhones with the iOS 12 update.

The T-Mobile MVNO, owned by Ultra Mobile, will soon be able to automatically configure data and MMS settings. More consumer-facing features include app-based visual voicemail — a call to the mailbox will no longer be needed — Wi-Fi calling and texting and voice calls over LTE. Users will need to accept an update to carrier settings to get the new features.

Mint is already offering Wi-Fi calling and texting on Android phones.

More MVNOs have been able to pass along these features in recent days, especially in the light of the proposed merger between two major wholesale network access providers: Sprint and T-Mobile. These could be concessions that the two are making to its clients in order to help make their case for merging and, perhaps, keep control of all three prepaid brands they own.

Mint Mobile offers service plans on multi-month terms for an upfront price.

Update: Mint Mobile has told us that it is now offering the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max for sale on its website. The link is below the story.

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