iPhones and iPads with long-distance wireless charging features in the cards for 2017

Rumors are swirling about the compact iPhone 5se and super-sharp iPad Air 3 Apple might be unveiling as early as March, plus the iPhone 7 no doubt scheduled for a fall release, but it’s actually next year that we’ll likely see true innovation brought to iDevices.

No, we don’t mean just AMOLED display technology, though that would be a pretty big deal too, but rather a “cutting-edge” new feature allowing iPhones and iPads “to be powered from further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones”, as Bloomberg eloquently puts it.

To an outsider’s eye, it probably looks like Cupertino was once again left behind by the competition’s innovations, as everyone from Samsung to LG to Microsoft is already on board the Qi-enabled wireless charging train.

But the Galaxy S6, G4, Lumia 950 and so on and so forth remain highly dependent on cables and accessories they have to maintain a very close relationship with (literally), which Apple aims to significantly improve before joining the party.

Granted, the Apple Watch is just as “bad”, needing to stay within millimeters of its “wireless” power source, but iPhones and iPads launched after 2017 should be a whole different kettle of fish. They should juice up from at least three feet away from a “cutting-edge” new type of charger, even if the specifics of the long-distance energy transfer are very much up in the air at the moment.

What you need to understand is Apple is fully committed to making strides as far as true wireless charging tech is concerned, which often wins half of the battle. The other half will work itself out.

Source: Bloomberg 

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