iPhones aren’t getting cheaper. Well, maybe in the land of the rising sun.

Apple has not given a reason why price cuts have come to Japan, but they have and they may be here for a while. One reason could be, as is often the case, that the currency markets have shifted to jelly again. The Yen has improved against the Dollar by about 10 percent in the past few months.


All SIM-free SKUs of the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus get the chopper, generally about 9 percent. Those who recently bought one of these phones (except the iPhone SE) within the past two weeks can write into Apple for a rebate of the difference.

Device Old price New price Percentage
16GB iPhone SE ¥52800 ¥47800 -9.5%
64GB iPhone SE ¥64800 ¥59800 -7.7%
16GB iPhone 6s ¥86800 ¥78800 -9.2%
64GB iPhone 6s ¥98800 ¥89800 -9.1%
128GB iPhone 6s ¥110800 ¥101800 -8.2%
16GB iPhone 6s Plus ¥98800 ¥89800 -9.1%
64GB iPhone 6s Plus ¥110800 ¥101800 -8.1%
128GB iPhone 6s Plus ¥122800 ¥113800 -7.3%
16GB iPhone 6 ¥74800 ¥67800 -9.4%
64GB iPhone 6 ¥86800 ¥78800 -9.2%
16GB iPhone 6 Plus ¥86800 ¥78800 -9.2%
64GB iPhone 6 Plus ¥98800 ¥89800 -9.1%

Source: Macotakara (Google Translate)
Via: GSMArena

CorrectionAn earlier version of this story misidentified the prices of the 64GB iPhone 6.

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