iPhone XS video

Let’s recap, quickly. On August 30, Apple decided it couldn’t care less about IFA 2018, and started sending out event invites. Said event will take place on September 12, and the theme for this one is “gather round”. Of course, this generated a lot of controversy and speculation, from “bringing back the home button” to the possibility of a “round Apple watch”, and everything in-between.

Then there were the leaks of what are claimed to be official images of the iPhone XS. There was an Apple Watch there as well, but it’s the two iPhone XS models that captured all the attention. A 5.8- and a 6.5-inch version is expected, and a copper-gold color option seems to be the main theme.

It was just a matter of time until someone picked up those pictures and turned them into renders. The iPhone XS video below is a concept based on the images we’ve seen. The designer turns the two iPhone XS models on all sides and tries to anticipate what Apple will be showing off. Of course, this iPhone XS video being a concept, there might be discrepancies between what’s shown, and the final product. Like the cameras on the back, which seem to be almost level with the back. Wishful thinking or now, it should all become clear on September 12, when Tim Cook will take the stage to bring us the 2018 iPhones.

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