iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs reception issue investigated by Apple

Looks like the combination of new hardware and new software doesn’t always go without problems. Apple introduced the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max models last month, and also released the new version of its mobile platform, iOS 12. There have been already complaints from users regarding the selfie camera on the iPhone Xs. This is on top of charging issues plaguing some iPhone Xs and Xs Max models. At least Apple is planning to fix this problem once iOS 12.1 becomes public.

Apple is also reportedly hard at work, on fixing iPhone Xs reception issues which seem to affect the Max model as well. There were some user complaints regarding weak 4G/LTE signal on the new devices. Apple did not acknowledge the issue until now, if the tweet below is to be believed.

As you can see, Apple is allegedly reaching out to some iPhone Xs and Xs Max users that are affected by the issue. Cupertino is asking them to install a “baseband logger” which will give Apple more insight on how the phones connect to towers. After gathering relevant data Apple can fix the problem via a software update or come up with a plan to replace devices if they are hardware-caused.

Some users experiencing iPhone Xs reception issues also admitted that once they installed the iOS 12.1 beta, their reception improved. This is a good indication the problem might be software-related after all.

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