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As most of the flagships are already out for this year (we’re still waiting for a couple more, like the Mate 20 Pro), reviews and comparisons are popping up. Since we’re at a point where performance is rarely an issue, regardless of platform, make or model, it comes down to variables like camera, battery performance, and alike.

In a previous battery test, the iPhone Xs Max was outperformed by the Galaxy Note9 in terms of battery life. However, that particular test, despite having even settings on all devices, has the Note9 at its default resolution. That’s 1920 x 1080, and is lower than the native resolution of the phone, which is 2960 x 1440. At the same time, the iPhone Xs Max was running at its default 2688 x 1242.

A new test levels things out, as now the iPhone Xs Max, Galaxy Note9, Pixel 3 XL, and Xperia XZ3 are all running at their max resolutions. After conducting social media, gaming, video, and other tests, the Pixel 3 XL depleted first after about five hours. The Galaxy Note9 ran out of juice about 12 minutes before the iPhone Xs Max, which lasted for about six hours.

The key takeaway here is not necessarily the fact that the iPhone Xs Max outlasts the Note9, despite having a smaller battery. Instead, think of it this way: regardless which flagship you choose, Samsung’s, Apple’s, Sony’s, or Google’s (not to mention Huawei), we’re at a point where you can easily go for an entire day on a charge. That’s a huge difference compared to where smartphones were a couple of years ago. They have improved both in hardware and software, so you can let go of your nomophobia just a little bit.

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