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iPhone XS leaks in new Burgundy, Navy and White colors

By Anton D. Nagy September 6, 2018, 7:00 am
iPhone XS leaks

Before you get too excited, be advised that this leak might be fake. When it comes to iPhones, there are a ton of clones out there. And there most certainly are quite a lot of fake news, on the even of a new iPhone launch. That being said, this could very well turn out to be legit. In this particular case, Apple is going to move away from the classic shades. Which still leaves the question unanswered: what about the copper-gold color we’ve already seen? It’s the theme of the invite, it’s also the color of the leaked renders, and it might end up the main iPhone color for 2018.

That all being said, the images above and below allegedly depict the 6.1-inch, smaller, one-camera iPhone XS. Apple had red iPhones in the past, as special editions, but this one looks more Burgundy than Red to us. We also remember the white iPhone 4S very well. It’s been a while since Apple used white. And the blue shade seems to be a Navy tint, which, while still a classic, conservative color, it would be a first nonetheless.

Apple has also been known to test the waters with products, patents, shades, etc. Not all of them make it mainstream all the time. So, that being said, in addition to Space Grey and Silver, which are the classic Apple shades, as well as the copper-gold tint leaked, which one of these would you like to see officially?

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