iPhone XS leaks

When we covered the rumors about the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone yesterday, the executives at China Mobile didn’t seem too sure about what was actually going to happen. They had the basics down — as rumors have said, there are also 5.8- and 6.5-inch OLED versions on the way that will cost way more — but were fuzzy on details of when dual-SIM versions of the devices would start selling, using the word “possibly.”

Oh, and that 6.1-incher? That was gonna be called the “iPhone Xc.”

Well, it seems Bloomberg has gathered more intelligence from sources familiar with the roll-out and one name that’s been tossed around at Apple is “iPhone Xr.” There were more sources confident that the 6.5-inch model would be called the “iPhone Xs Max.”

The iPhone Xs (the 5.8-inch model) and the iPhone Xs Max will feature expensive OLED displays and be built out of stainless steel. It will be available in black and white with the XS coming in a new gold color. The iPhone Xr will have a cheaper LCD screen and an aluminum build. A market consensus has been building around a starting price floor of $700, though a few outliers believe Apple could stand to retain larger margins with an $850 starting price. Unit sales are forecast to grow substantially faster than previous years.

Sources have affirmed earlier rumors of manufacturing problems relating to the iPhone Xr’s display. Supplies could be extremely limited if it were to launch with the more epensive models. Some brokerage houses predict that Apple will delay the Xr’s launch to see if the iPhone Xs Max will draw consumers in.

Bloomberg also reports that the AirPower Wireless Charger pad will debut at Apple’s event on Wednesday as well as new Apple Watch models, a 13-inch MacBook Air replacement, a refreshed iPad Pro line-up and a new Mac mini for professionals. Well-known Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo has just written up an investment note on what to expect for those products.

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