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Persistent green line on iPhone X Super Retina display is annoying

By Jules Wang November 10, 2017, 3:58 pm

While Apple is working on a fix for cold weather usability of its Super Retina display, there’s one more irksome bug that will need addressing soon. And because this has more to do with obstructing or distracting from the pretty colors, this will be a big one to address.

It’s a green line laid across the right side of the OLED display that’s persistent even when the device and display is on and the screen is all-black — when all the pixels should be turned off.

Several reports, complete with pictures, have been tweeted and filed in the Apple Discussions forum. Some report that the line disappears after a day or two. At least one person called into customer support and was told that there was no problem.

It’s an annoying issue for sure, but, like many others, does not affect a vast population. That said, if you come into contact with this issue, let us and Apple know about it — more reports will always bring more awareness.

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