iPhone X spends week in a river before being returned to owner in working condition

One lucky lady has her iPhone X back in working order thanks to a YouTuber and free diver who found it in the Salt River in Arizona.

Dallas of the channel Man + River was on one of his typical swims in the river to capture some of the items people have lost in the stream after a busy weekend of recreation. Among a gold ring and snorkel mask and other miscellany, he had found the iPhone X. After taking the phone apart to let it dry for three days, he gave the phone a charge.

Turns out the phone belonged to an Alyssa from Florida who had taken a vacation to the Grand Canyon State some two weeks before Dallas had called her — meaning that the iPhone X, which has only been tested to last at least 30 minutes under 1 meter of fresh water, had probably spent more than a week down deep in the challenging brine.

Now, don’t be too surprised about this feat — other dive-and-retrieve channels have also returned soaked iPhone X units as well as various models to their owners intact and functioning. That’s not to say that most are saved, though. It’s all a matter of where the phone lands, how it gets treated by the currents and wildlife and when, if ever, it gets picked up.

All we know is that if you’ve lost your phone fishing or kayaking the Salt River, Dallas may be able to help.

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