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iPhone X sales rate decays, but owners are extremely happy with their purchase

By Jules Wang April 23, 2018, 7:23 pm

March 31 marked the end of the first calendar quarter and was 3 days short of four months since the iPhone X went on sale. Combine the late launch in the holiday season, a high price and other factors and it might not be a surprise that market analysts and supply chain insiders have been bracing for poor sales and a steeper natural decay in subsequent quarters.

Indeed, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has seen the same. It estimates in a new report, obtained by 9to5Mac, that sales of the $1,000+ iPhone have dropped relative to the total mix of iPhone sales — from 20 percent during the fourth quarter to 16 percent this quarter. Sales share for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has jumped 3 points to 44 percent (23 percent for the 8 and 21 percent for the 8 Plus). That means that the new models have had a net drop of about 1 point in share.


Filling out the rest of the chart, the iPhone 7 series took 20 percent, the iPhone 6s series had 13 percent and the iPhone SE took 8 percent.

CIRP forecasts that the trend will extrapolate in the current quarter and drag down average unit sales price sequentially. ASP will still be up, however, on an annual basis.

The iPhone X club may be difficult to get into, but if you’re in it, boy, what a club to be in.

Ben Bajarin, principal analyst at Creative Strategies, wrote a column for Tech.pinions divulging results of his company’s customer satisfaction survey for 1,746 iPhone X owners and found that the overall figure is at an exceptional (even for Apple) 97 percent, a ballpark figure to Apple’s self-reported 99 percent figure announced during the fiscal Q1 earnings call. Impressive yet, 85 percent told Creative Strategies they were “very satisfied” with the product.

But are these readings just extreme product profiling in effect? Bajarin says no and indicates that more fickle early adopters drove the figure up:

Interestingly, when it comes to customer satisfaction with a product, we have not seen much variance between how early adopters and mainstream consumers rank products they like. In fact, if anything, early adopters tend to be more critical and less satisfied overall than mainstream consumers. Which is why when we see customer satisfaction from the early adopter profile come in as quite high, we know the product in question is quality.

We picked up the piece from iMore.

Many specific features achieved satisfaction rates above 90 percent. In-hand feel, Portrait Mode and Portrait selfies were the laggards, but the former two items scored above 80 percent while the selfies got about two-thirds approval.

Siri, with its “unique optimizations with on-device performance and machine learning” on the iPhone X, got 20 percent. The digital assistant has suffered from chronic deprivation of development resources and priority, but Apple has just recently started a hiring spree just for Siri. What results may turn things around for the company as a whole in the AI field.

For now, at least we know that the iPhone X makes a handful of people very happy.


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