iPhone X could help Apple break shipment and average selling price records this quarter

Unveiled way back in September, and limitedly released just last month with expectations of big delays and speculation of deep production trouble, Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X has managed to defy predictions en route to breaking records.

We’re talking both average selling price and volume records for the world’s current second largest smartphone vendor, which was forecasted at one point to finish the year in third place, behind rising Chinese shipment star Huawei.

But now Apple is headed for a Q4 2017 gold medal, as the iPhone X looks both easily accessible and wildly popular. According to fresh IHS Markit projections, the “all-screen” iOS device alone could ship in 31 million copies through the end of the calendar year, pushing the ASP (average selling price) of iPhones over the $700 mark for the first time in the family’s 10-year history.

The Cupertino-based tech titan is expected to end the October – December 2017 quarter with a sales tally of 88.8 million iPhone units, which sounds very specific but also record-crushing and internal forecast-beating. So far, the number has circled “only” 80 mil in several reports and forecasts, with the X previously tipped to fall short of the 30M count.

IHS researchers however claim that early US iPhone X adoption has exceeded the initial local popularity of both the iPhone 8 and 7 Plus, also matching that of the 8 Plus. In Japan, the X even rivaled the smaller iPhone 7, despite production constraints.

Perhaps most remarkably of all, the iPhone X managed to account for over 2 percent of the iPhone active installed base across eight unnamed markets a measly three weeks after it began shipping on November 3. In other words, one in 50 iPhone users in these countries had already upgraded to the X by the end of last month, leading to that optimistic 31 million full-quarter estimation.

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