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iPhone X resale value averages at 85% of the original price, sets new record

By Anton D. Nagy July 23, 2018, 10:19 am
iPhone X resale value

The iPhone X resale value is much higher than the one for competing phones. As a matter of fact, the iPhone X resale value is even higher than the resale value of previous iPhone. The date refers to models sold at the same time in the product life-cycle.

The information comes from BStock, a company operating in the liquidation business, in a 9to5mac report. According to their data, the iPhone X resale value is 85% of the original price, on average. Furthermore, even in the case of bulk purchases (when companies might buy returns from retailers), the price is 75% of the original price.

Apparently, the reason behind this rather high price-tag is the high demand for the iPhone X, especially on the US-market. Apparently, most of the iPhone X units are sold domestically, and only 2% are being sold abroad, claims BStock. This also testifies to the fact that those customers who want to save money (because the iPhone X set another record for a really high retail price when it was announced) prefer to buy a used one, instead of just going for a different Apple or even Android-powered smartphone.

Additionally, it would also appear that Apple products benefit from a higher resale value than most competing models, which don’t manage to hold a higher value for a longer period of time.

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