Winter is coming, and so is a software update for iPhone X responsiveness bug at low temperatures

After literally just fixing a very specific (and annoying) autocorrect bug by rolling out a small update for iOS 11.1, Apple seems to have already started work on a possible 11.1.2 platform revision taking care of another particularly irritating and unusual system malfunction.

This one apparently affects only iPhone X users, and it’s nowhere near as widespread as the keyboard glitch among early adopters of the fancy new “all-screen” device anyway. But it is happening on a sufficiently large scale that Cupertino’s PR department saw the need to issue a formal statement mere hours after complaints spread all over Reddit.

Apple is fortunately “aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment”, stressing that “after several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again” and vowing to “address” the issue “in an upcoming software update.”

The part about the display’s return to normal functionality “after several seconds” doesn’t exactly match online reports by disgruntled iPhone X owners, at least not until they lock and unlock the device, which is a pretty reliable temporary workaround for many.

But it’s certainly nice to hear Apple is on top of things, even though technically we have no timeline for the “upcoming software update”, which may or may not coincide with an iOS 11.1.2 maintenance effort.

As for precisely what’s causing the glitch, we’re also in the dark for the time being. All we know is some iPhone X units become unresponsive seconds after changing ambient temperature, which is unacceptable given that winter is coming. Clearly, it’s not that cold already for such a radical behavior change to be justified under Apple’s typical standards.

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