iPhone X leaked video shows poorly optimized Instagram app

One thing that upsets Apple fans is poor software design. And if app developers are going to have to accommodate for the iPhone X’s top “notch” obstruction on the display, they’re going to need to code differently than before.

The latest iPhone X leak comes in the form of a 10-second video posted to Reddit by /u/anonymousdave52. You can click through to the source link below this story for the full visage, but the general gist of it can be had in the two captures above.

You’ll notice the vertically-oriented dual-camera module at rear and the TextEdit app that has never actually migrated from macOS and, we’ll be honest, likely won’t be a publicly available tool on iOS for the next while.

The most complaints are coming from people who complained about the alignment issues with the user interface on the Instagram, where the top-mounted typemark gets squished underneath the notch.

“It’s because Instagram hard coded offset values into their app, something Apple told developers repeatedly not to do.”

— /u/ryankearney


“I have been making iPhone apps for 8 years now. Testing my app on iPhone X produces a handful of problems in Portrait and about a million problems in Landscape.”

— /u/zacwest

West goes on to say that there’s no preemptive or easy bridge to move all app elements into safe zones while still making it look okay.

“Day 1 iPhone X users are in for problems in most apps,” he concluded.

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