iPhone X ad for Face ID features vanity bug

In advertising, cues have to be hit at the right time and everything needs to look just as the way they’re intended to be. Apple seems to know advertising for the most part. But there’s this thing that’s frustrated perfectionists and software geeks on the latest commercial promoting the iPhone X.

The 68-second clip begins with a girl heading down a hall at school unlocking her iPhone X with Face ID. Curious about this accomplishment, she stares down a locker and is able to unlatch it just by showing her face. Over the next minute, she waves her face at many doors, cabinets and beakers, all of them popping open at the sight of her face.

No need to show what else the iPhone X can do, it’s an iPhone, right? But then there’s this screengrab.

 9to5Mac‘s Benjamin Mayo had earlier reported this as a bug.

So, why did Apple not just mask over the mistake with a replication of the correct behavior? Maybe it’s because that some viewers would notice it just as quick and criticize Apple for living in a fantasy world where iOS is bug-free. It’s not. And if there’s anything there should be more of in advertising, it’s truth.

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