iPhone X Black Friday weekend sales reportedly topped 6 million units

Apple solved those long-rumored and widely-reported iPhone X production woes a lot faster than anyone expected, and although there was little room for Black Friday deals on the “all-screen” iOS device, a gradual decrease in shipping times may have been enough to entice the crowds of holiday shoppers.

While iPads and AirPods were somewhat surprisingly labeled as Cyber Monday top sellers by Adobe market researchers, Rosenblatt Securities analysis found that around 6 million iPhone X units were ordered worldwide during the busy Black Friday weekend.

That’s obviously a rough estimate, and Cupertino is never going to comment on these figures, let alone explicitly confirm them. The X wasn’t the company’s only popular handset, according to the same report by Senior Research Analyst Jun Zhang, with total iPhone sales approximated at 15 million units over the aforementioned time period.

Apple seems on track to meet its ambitious goal of shipping at least 80 million iPhones in the three months ending December 31 now, including 30 million copies of the hot new face-scanning model.

That was a very unlikely target for the iPhone X just a few weeks ago, but with manufacturing reportedly ramped up to a rate of 3 million units a week right now and 4 mil in December, the sky is all of a sudden the limit for its year-end ambitions. On the not so bright side of things, shipment expectations have been negatively revised from 45 to 40 million units for the January – March 2018 quarter, as current supply and demand are closer than anticipated.

Last but not least, Apple must be quite pleased with the average selling price and profit margins of the iPhone X, as 256GB configurations are twice as popular as 64 gig variants.

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