More rumors hint to an iPhone with interchangeable camera lenses

With Apple’s possible launch of the iPhone 6, we’ve seen leaked images that show a device with a protruding camera lens, just as we see today with the iPod Touch. We know that Apple has a lot of pressure to innovate in its camera offering, and there have been ongoing leaks about the possibility of optical image stabilization, and even Apple’s decision to ditch the idea. It’s hard to tell if the next generation iPhone will include any of this, but one of the older patents we saw last month has resurfaced.

We saw earlier how Apple is experimenting in using magnetic interchangeable lenses, and even the option for a bayonet as means to attach and detach camera lenses. Today we find a second patent for the bayonet application that offers more concrete information as to how Apple plans to pull it off.

Obviously this won’t necessarily make it to the iPhone 6, but it is interesting to see that some of the diagrams follow the design of the iPhone 5c, which is rumored to port its design to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet. A bayonet would be a more natural way to detach and attach lenses if you think of how it’s currently done with DSLR cameras. The question is if such a small mechanism will last the test of time.

Source: USPTO
Via: Apple Insider

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