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iPhone with a periscope zoom? Apple has the patent

By Roland Udvarlaki August 18, 2021, 10:30 am
iPhone 11 Pro camera

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 53 granted patents for Apple Inc. today. Among the patents, some of the most interesting ones are the optical system for Apple’s future mixed reality headset, and a periscope zoom camera.

Future Mixed Reality Headset

Apple future mixed reality headset patent
Apple future mixed reality headset patent (Image Credit: PatentlyApple)

The report by PatentlyApple, goes into detail, describing the new patents in more information. It says that Apple’s latest granted patent for a future mixed reality headset (HMD) covers an optical module for a display system. It includes the lens, display screen, a movement mechanism, and one or more pressure-relieving features. The pressure-relieving features are in fluid communication with the chamber to hinder pressure as the lens in the display are moved relative to each other.


Periscope zoom

Apple periscope folded camera system patent
Apple folded camera system (Image Credit: PatentlyApple)

Apple has also been working on a foldable camera lens or periscope lens system. Samsung and Huawei have both had such systems for some time, so this alone isn’t very surprising. The new feature would allow iPhones to zoom in on objects while leaving the image clear and sharp.

Apple periscope camera patent
(Image Credit: PatentlyApple)

The first image shows the perspective view of an example camera with a folded optics arrangement. Figure 13A shows the “view of another example camera in a folded position arrangement and an example actuator arrangement for shifting legs group of the camera along multiple axes, in accordance with some embodiments.” Fig. 13A “shows a perspective view of some structural components of the camera,” says the report.

Figure 16A shows an example of a folded optics arrangement that also includes a module with retention elements. The patent can be read in more detail on the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database website. There are a number of other patents that were granted today by the office that can be seen on the image below.

Apple patents granted August 17-18 2021
(Image Credit: PatentlyApple)

What are your thoughts on the newly discovered patents? Do you think we’ll soon see a more sophisticated and perhaps a better zoom capability on the new iPhones? Let us know in the comments!

iphone 12

iPhone 12

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