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A new research was carried out by Comscore to conduct a study that would find out what applications people use and how much they rely on default and third-party applications. The study was paid for by Facebook, and it asked about 4,000 people last fall. A new legislation was also recently announced in the US that could prevent Apple from shipping its own apps on its devices.

TheVerge got an exclusive look at the study (via 9to5Mac). Unsurprisingly, the results found by Comscore are similar to what Facebook was criticizing Apple and Google for – that default, preinstalled apps on both iOS and Android dominate the market and people’s lives. Apps like Messages, Clock, Photos, Weather, News and Email applications were found to be the most popular ones.


Another interesting fact is that the study found that out of the top 20 apps on the list, 15 were made by Apple itself, while the five other remaining apps included 2 from Google, 2 from Facebook itself and another one from Amazon: YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.

Facebook said the following about the study:

Facebook paid for the Comscore study to show the “impact of preinstalled apps on the competitive app ecosystem,” according to company spokesman Joe Osborne. The social network’s executives have long criticized Apple’s limitations on third-party developers for hindering their ability to distribute mobile games and compete effectively with iMessage.

Apple said that the methodology that was used for the study is “seriously flawed in a number of ways” and that it was specifically designed to “give the false impression that there’s little competition on the App Store.”

Apple rejected the report’s findings. “This Facebook-financed survey from December 2020 was narrowly tailored to give the false impression that there’s little competition on the App Store,” an Apple spokesperson told The Verge. “In truth, third-party apps compete with Apple’s apps across every category and enjoy large scale success.”

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