Most iPhone users have a ‘blind loyalty’ to the Apple brand

One of the most common trends that you’ll notice in today’s market, is that it’s very odd to see iPhone users leaving the platform for something else. I’ve personally seen cases of people doing so, and then coming back just a few months later. Some people are locked-in due to the amount of purchases that they’ve made on Apple’s various online stores, and others simply because they want to stick to what they know. All this said, a recent study was conducted to 2,000 iPhone users in the UK, and more than half of them admit to having a ‘blind loyalty’ for Apple as a brand.

The detailed results claim that: 78% percent “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now,” 52% said they had been “really impressed” with the iPhone as well. 54% of people had previously owned an iPhone and when asked why they bought a second — 37% responded that they were used to iOS. Going further, 28% said the iPhone seemed to be the best phone for them at the time of switching, while 25% said it was due to the fact that friends and family members had iPhones and they wished to retain Apple-specific features such as FaceTime.

And regarding those that switched to the iPhone, the survey revealed that 17% of the people surveyed had switched to their current iPhone from a BlackBerry, 14% from a Nokia handset, 9% from a Samsung, 4% from an HTC, and just 2% from a Sony Ericsson.

Obviously this is just a small sample of the UK market. I have friends who can’t see themselves without a BlackBerry, and others who’ve fallen in-love with their new Galaxy Note 3. Remember this survey was conducted to 2,000 existing iPhone users, mainly focused on why they decided to buy iPhone, so it’s not just a fanboy letter to the public either.

Source: The Telegraph
Via: Cult Of Mac

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