iPhone users want better battery life, and they don’t really mind the notch

New iPhone models are coming to the market soon. We are all expecting different things from Apple devices this year, but customers are being more specific as to what they expect.

USA Today has made a survey that asked 1,665 US adults: What do they want in these upcoming iPhone devices? A 75% of them answered that they want new iPhones to have better battery life. This is because some iPhones have to struggle to finish the day with enough charge. Customers are even willing to accept bigger, chunkier iPhones just to have bigger batteries. After that, they expect durability or a screen that’s less likely to shatter. Third, they want expandable storage options, something that’s very unlikely they’ll get any time soon.

The last issue on an iPhone user’s minds is the notch, just getting a 10% of attention, while the lack of headphone jack seems to be more important with 37% of the votes. Some other features mentioned where the desire for USB-C integration, general speed gains and improvements to Face ID. What would you like in your next iPhone?

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