Apple introduced the iPhone Upgrade Program last year to take further control of its own product, ergo, its profits: financing for a carrier variant iPhone with AppleCare+ protection while offering easy upgrades as new devices launch. Verizon wasn’t too happy about that, but hey, for the longest time, you had to get down out of your way to an Apple Store to sign up for the program.

Now, Apple has made it available online. You can get the iPhone 6s starting at $32.41 per month for 24 months and get a new iPhone every year. You also have the option to go without the upgrade and the AppleCare+ for $27.04 a month over 24 months. The iPhone 6s Plus starts from $36.58 monthly on the iPhone Upgrade Program or $31.20 for the plain installments plan.

If you’re in the middle-of-nowhere USA wanting a straight-from-the-company iPhone plan and the only apples around either grow on trees or are in the grocery store, take a hike. Online.

Source: Apple
Via: iClarified

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