iPhone Xr

We have been getting reports that many of Apple suppliers aren’t doing so well in sales because of order cuts. The main reason behind this is that the iPhone Xs and Xr models aren’t doing so great in sales, or at least that’s what is believed.

In any case, we have now found out that TSMC and Foxconn have reported good revenues for November. These companies are responsible for the production of Apple’s processors and the ones in charge of assembling iPhones. Foxconn has reported $19.5 billion in sales, and TSMC has reported $3.1 billion. Of course, these are not record-breaking sales, but at least they’re not bad. We are still going to have to wait, at least for a couple more months to see if the iPhone models for 2019 really end up being as weak in sales as other suppliers and analysts have predicted.

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