There is more excitement over the new iPhone models than for the Galaxy Note 9

Surveys usually give us a clear idea of what most people think or want, and according to a recent survey from PC Mag tells us that the new iPhone models are more popular than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung has a weird way of giving away all the secrets of its flagships before these get launched. Maybe this is why the new iPhone models make people more excited. PC Mag made a survey which asked 1,555 consumers about their smartphone preferences. According to the results we can see that more people are waiting to see what Apple has to offer with their new iPhone lineup. If you want more detailed information, Apple showed up with 42% of the votes followed by a 24% of the Galaxy Note 9. The Google Pixel 3 came up with a 7%, then the LG V40 got a 4%, the OnePlus 6T got a 2% and the “other” or “none” got a 6 and 11 percent respectively.

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